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it continues to beat even when removed from the body. . He was especially well known for his popular writings on health and child rearing. . In 1791 he was made deacon of the Reglerkirche in Erfurt, and was promoted to full professor at the gymnasium in 1792. . Schulten (colleague to Kants childhood friend Ruhnken) at Leyden along the way. . He wrote the Wolffian Dilucidationes philosophicae de Deo, anima humana, mundo et generalibus rerum affectionibus (Tübingen 1725). Kant refers to Girtanner's book on natural history (1796) in his Anthropology (AA 7:320) and his Physical Geography (AA 9:314). . Most of his time was devoted to teaching, rather than writing. He studied philosophy at Marburg under Coing, after which he worked as a private tutor until 1779, when he returned to the university to teach, lecturing on the history of philosophy, ethics, psychology, and natural law. A follower of Kant; mentioned in Kants correspondence with Born, Beck, Kiesewetter, Reinhold, and Kants publisher, Hartknoch.

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In July 1764 Nicolai published in his Briefe an exchange between Abbt and Mendelssohn on Spaldings famous Betrachtung über die Bestimmung des Menschen (1748, and at the time in its 7th edition). . Niethammer, Friedrich Immanuel (1766-1848) Professor of Philosophy. . Creuzer, Christoph Andreas Leonhard (1768-1844) Born (Nov 20) and died (Mar 3) in Marburg. . This work, although flawed in many ways, formed the foundation of modern neurology. Achenwall, Gottfried (1719-1772) Born (Oct 20) in Elbing, died (May 1) in Göttingen; the son of a merchant. . Despite a deepening blindness in old age, Hufeland remained active to the end, sending his Enchiridion medicum (1836) to the printer just days before his death at the age of seventy-four on Hufeland sent Kant a copy of his.

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De origine modorum contrahendi apud Romanos (Halle, 1772). Sources : ADB Mayer, (Johann) Tobias,. Professors at Danzig Rink, Friedrich Theodor (1770-1811) See Königsberg. Schmid, Karl Christian Erhard (1761-1812) See Jena. 4th.: 1800 (reprint: Bruxelles, Culture et civilisation, 1981).

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In a letter to Kant sent from Leiden AA 10:119) and in a tone of considerable informality, Wielkes discusses Kants old school friend, Ruhnken bio, with whom he has been socializing, and mentions their plan to bring Kant. His works are therefore very useful as a magazine for reason, but not as an architectonic for. He was the founder of comparative anthropology in Germany. . Feder was a professor of philosophy at the university of Göttingen and a founder of the German Popularphilosophie ; he was influenced by British empiricism and was a forceful critic of Wolffian rationalism. . Sources : Gundlach 1927, 116; ADB, 33:670, 36:791 last update: Tiedemann, Dietrich (1748-1803) Born in Bremervörde (1748) and died in Marburg (1803). Georg Meiners at Frankfurt?

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Versuch einer philosophischen und kritischen Einleitung in die christliche Religion (Göttingen, 1792). Vita, fata et scripta Christiani Wolfii philosophi (Lipsiae et Vratislauiae: Apud Siegmundum Ehrenfriedum Richterum, 1739). Tellers 1764 textbook on the Christian faith, published while he was a professor at Helmstedt, favored a deistic rationalism over the truths of special revelation, which won him few supporters among the local orthodoxy. . Hoffmann was was called in 1693 to serve as the first professor of medicine at the newly founded university at Halle, where he was an ally of the pietist. He studied theology at Königsberg, then at Halle under Meier, receiving his magister degree with a disputation on the universal divine providence in the best of all possible worlds (. Sources : ADB; Beiser 1987, 203-10 last update: elect Publications : Institutiones Logicae et metaphysicae scholae suae scripsit (Jena: Cröker, 1785).1 Eleutheriologie, oder über die Freyheit und Nothwendigkeit (Jena: Cröker, 1788).

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According to Borowski, Kant thought little of bdsm master zeichnungen erotik his work in theology and philology (1912, 79; repr. Danovius studied under the Wolffian Johan Ernst Schubert and the deist Wilhem August Teller bio while at Greifswald, and then under Johann David Michaelis bio at Göttingen. . Studied in Erlangen, and began and ended his teaching career there, separated by ten years at Göttingen. . Schmid ( see below who also edited the third volume of his Christian Morality (1804). Nicolai, 1765 316. Wolffs Gesammelte Werke ). A longer biography of Schulz is also available Sources : ADB last update: elect Publications : Reise eines Liefländers von Riga nach Warschau, durch Südpreußen über Breslau, Dresden, Karlsbad, Bayreuth, Nürnberg, Regensburg, München, Salzburg, Linz, Wien und Klagenfurt, nach Botzen. He was the first at Jena to lecture on Kant, offering a course on logic in WS 1784/85 using his new textbook (1785 and in particular with reference to the whole of the Kantian doctrine (qtd. Sources : ADB; NDB; Wegele 1885, 757-66, 786-91; Selle 1937, 132-5; Reill 1973, 24-51; Reill 1975 Select Publications : Handbuch der Universalhistorie nach ihrem gesamtem Unfange von Erschaffung der Welt bis zum Ursprunge der meisten heutigen Reichen und Staaten, 2 vols. He introduced Brownianismus into Germany as though it were his own, and then later accused Brown of plagiarism. Erklärung über Fichtes Appellation und über die Anklagen gegen die philosophie, eine Beylage zu der genannten Fichteschen Schrift (Giessen:.G. He was a minor theologian and pedagogue, and an early admirer of Kant's aesthetics. TS Ole, die hübsche asiatische Transsexuelle ist ab sofort in 12051 Berlin Kranoldstraße 7 zu Gast. Feder replied to Kants Prolegomena (1783) with On Space and Causality (1787 and with Christoph Meiners published four volumes of the anti-Kantian Philosophische Bibliothek (1788-91). Petersburg, supported by a life-long pension of 600 rubels (courtesy of Count Wolkonski). . Aenesidemus oder über die Fundamente der von Herrn Prof. Stephan monastery in Würzburg, but is also professor of theoretical and practical philosophy at the university, and he lectures on everything according to Kantian principles. Abbt also wrote a brief biography of Alexander Baumgarten, from whose textbooks Kant lectured.

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  1. Sources : ADB Select Publications : Über den Bildungstrieb (1789) Buhle, Johann Gottlieb Gerhard (1763-1821) Born (Sep 29) and died (Aug 11) in Braunschweig; the son of a well-known surgeon. .

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